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Superform’s Branding and Marketing Immersive for Etsy

Peer-to peer marketplaces like Etsy, TaskRabbit, and AirBnB continue to grow their customer base exponentially, opening new channels in sectors (retail, hospitality, hand-crafted goods) that had previously seen little innovation. These marketplaces turn hobbyists...

30 Seconds to Sell Your App

If you had ten seconds to capture the attention of a potential user in the app store, how could you best take advantage of it? Since Apple included preview videos as an addition to the...

Digital Marketing in Architecture: 8 Takeaways

This week’s Built-In: Architecture & Entrepreneurship Meetup on Digital Marketing in Architecture brought a few major epiphanies that were definitely worth elaborating on. I left Architecture late last year for a number of reasons, but...


Why marketing is NOT a dirty word

For simplicity, I’ll be using the word ‘product’, to represent products, services and companies. I constantly hear people disparage the act (and sometimes just the thought) of marketing. Here’s why they’re wrong. Marketing is nothing...