A promise made is a promise kept.

For FinTech startups introducing a new service to the market, formulating a strong and persuasive brand promise is imperative.

Your brand promise convinces customers your product or service is making their lives easier. It creates trust and a willingness to buy, download, or sign-up for your offering. Think about the value customers can constantly rely on, the message you want to associate with your product, and develop your brand promise accordingly.

What constitutes a strong promise?

Your brand promise does not fall out of thin air. The statement has roots in your brand image, brand identity, and should seamlessly connect to your core values, mission statement, target customer profile, and key product benefits.

Let’s look at an example. Wealthfront, is a FinTech company driven by the ideal of passive investing. They invests your money in a diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds because it’s a smarter and safer way to increase your returns.

Their brand promise is: “Lowering your taxes, minimizing your fees, managing your risk.” This promise perfectly resonates with the image Wealthfront wants to portray, their unique approach to investing, and the benefits for their customers.  

In its basic form, the brand promise is a claim about what you do and for whom. The statement should involve a deeper connection and appeal. Think of a tangible or imaginative benefits making your new product desirable among customers.

At the minimum, your brand promise must be:

  • Authentic
  • Believable
  • Genuine
  • Reachable
  • Simple

Importance of a brand promise

Building trust is one of the key elements of your brand promise. As a FinTech startup, you’re introducing a new, and potentially disruptive, product to the market. How do you get customers to trust your company, and why should they use your offering?

In comparison to other strong economies in the world, US customers are hesitant to adopt new financial services, or integrate new FinTech tools into their lives. Your brand promise can erase feelings of discomfort or doubt, and build confidence and faith. Don’t be afraid to spice your promise up with creative twist, but never forget: with a promise comes responsibility.

MoneyMe, an Australian FinTech company, is another example of a startup who created a strong brand image backed by a resonating brand promise. They provide tech-savvy Australians with faster, simpler, and more convenient access to credit. Their brand promise is:

Our advanced technology platform allows us to provide an outcome in a matter of seconds, with funds sent immediately once approved. On top of that, our smart algorithms allow us to provide personalised, risk-based pricing that results in fairer and lower-cost loans for you.

This ties in perfectly with their values, image, identity, and target customers. Tech-savvy Australians are likely to be impressed by the speed, ease, and level of customization this promise describes.  In turn, this statement increases the likelihood tech-savvy Aussies will use MoneyMe’s tool.

Delivering on Your Promise

Without delivery, a promise has no value. If you cannot deliver, your brand promise can backfire tremendously. There’s nothing worse than misleading people by assuring that something will be done, when in fact it won’t. Doing that will seriously harm your brand image. This seems even more true for your FinTech startup, as people share valuable, and personal information with you. 

Do whatever it takes to follow through. Honor your promise with zero trade-offs: show customers you’re true to your word. Winning trust is the first step in creating loyal and enduring relationships with your customer base, and key to the future of your FinTech company.  

Just never forget: Don’t promise the world, if you do not have the ships to conquer it.

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