All businesses must win the hearts and minds of customers to survive and thrive.

Positioning, the ongoing process of defining what your organization represents in the hearts and minds of customers, is one of the most critical tasks that business leaders face today.

Over 3+ years helping organizations with marketing, creative, design, and development – we’ve noticed a troubling trend where strategic positioning is underinvested in, underdeveloped, and sometimes outright neglected. A lack of strategic positioning creates confusion at every level – mixed messages disorient customers, marketing dollars are waste, and internal teams pull the firm in different directions for lack of a shared vision.

Introducing Positioning 360

This week at #SXSW in Austin, SUPERFORM is launching Positioning360, a framework to help organizations systematically define their unique strategic positioning, bringing clarity to all sales, marketing, internal, and external written and visual communications.

The framework takes users through five key categories (Company, Customer, Brand, Benefits, The Future), and defines and interconnects crucial concepts like core values, brand tone, value propositions, and customer jobs-to-be-done.

Historically, Positioning360 has only been available to SUPERFORM clients. As of today’s launch, we are making the Positioning360 canvas public, and allowing firms to schedule 2-day workshops to help them define strategic positioning, bring their entire organization into alignment, and reach key business objectives.

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