Peer-to peer marketplaces like Etsy, TaskRabbit, and AirBnB continue to grow their customer base exponentially, opening new channels in sectors (retail, hospitality, hand-crafted goods) that had previously seen little innovation. These marketplaces turn hobbyists into entrepreneurs while creating massive pools of new buyers and sellers.

These peer-to-peer platforms provide these sellers an immersive place to showcase offerings to a wealth of new customers. Along with these sweeping innovations though, comes more competition amongst sellers, creating real need to find and connect with the right customers, faster.

Recently, Superform had the pleasure of hosting Etsy, one of the world’s leading internet marketplaces, for a full day workshop. Senior Etsy personnel from around the globe joined Superform at their Brooklyn headquarters to develop strategies for Etsy’s leading sellers around:

  •       Branding
  •       Marketing
  •       CRM
  •       Customer Retention, and
  •       Analytics

In a world where so much choice is available with just a click or a swipe, building bonds with customers becomes more difficult and more vital than ever. Since the workshop, Sellers have begun implementing these strategies to great success.

After conducting private workshops for companies like WeWork (LA, Miami), SysDivision (Barcelona) and Etsy (NYC), Superform is bringing its passion and knowledge to startups and innovators in a new series of workshops – Accelerating Product-Market Fit.

This 2-day weekend workshop is geared to help guide founders and startup members through the process of strategically building, launching, branding and marketing new products to ensure they find the right market.

Come join us in Dumbo for great flow of ideas, content, and action!