If you had ten seconds to capture the attention of a potential user in the app store, how could you best take advantage of it? 

Since Apple included preview videos as an addition to the still screen shots in the app store, marketers and developers have used this space to highlight main features and provide captivating footage.

What makes a brief video clip valuable to your app store presence? The new medium.

Entertain your audience with a short story or demo of your product, but keep in mind, it’s essentially an ad. And an ad’s chief objective is conversion.

  • DO skip the feature list
  • DO focus on your one unique selling proposition (USP)
  • DON’T waste time on the small stuff ( onboarding, menus, settings screens)
  • DO Strike an emotional chord (FOMO, Social Proof, Value)
  • DON’T rely on voiceover or sound
  • DON’T just recreate the screenshots
  • DO Leave them wanting more

Take potential customers through the experience of using the app by highlighting three or four main features. Perhaps your app has a great interactive community, a competitive score board, or great in app purchases. Capture these features in motion to provide a view of the app in action.

Showing these features in motion versus a still screenshot is a way to introduce the potential user so once the app is downloaded, they enter the experience with familiarity. The main message of the preview should accurately depict the expectations of the app and promote any value provided to the potential users, all without looking like an advertisement. Keep the video quick paced and focus the viewer’s attention with a clear call to action without being too pushy.

App previews are a great way to give potential users a taste of the experience that awaits when created properly. The thirty second video clip is the perfect canvas to deliver a clear and concise message in order to promote the app.


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