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Why Every FinTech Startup Needs A Flawless Brand Promise

A promise made is a promise kept.

For FinTech startups introducing a new service to the market, formulating a strong and persuasive brand promise is imperative.

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The Power of Knowing Your Customer

The customer is always right. It’s is the golden rule for organizations large and small, in any sector.

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Superform’s Top 6 Moments form SXSW 2018

Small disclaimer: This list only includes things we actually saw with our own eyes, so that means the incredible WestWorld activation and the premier of John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place (100% on Rotten Tomatoes) do not make our 2018 list.

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Why Netflix Sans is a Winner

And some takeaways on design as a differentiation

A company announcing they’ve designed a new typeface is rarely big news.

In the case of Netflix, the investment in a custom typeface offers some insight into how design, brand assets, and yes, typefaces, affect core business.

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Launching Positioning 360 at SXSW!

All businesses must win the hearts and minds of customers to survive and thrive.

Positioning, the ongoing process of defining what your organization represents in the hearts and minds of customers, is one of the most critical tasks that business leaders face today.

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2018’s Four Best Grammy Ads

During last night's Grammys, I found myself much more intrigued by what the brand advertisers were doing than what was happening at the show.

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Menagerie is Live in NYC!

Hello friends!

We’re excited to announce that Menagerie is now live in NYC!

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Superform’s Branding and Marketing Immersive for Etsy

Peer-to peer marketplaces like Etsy, TaskRabbit, and AirBnB continue to grow their customer base exponentially, opening new channels in sectors (retail, hospitality, hand-crafted goods) that had previously seen little innovation. These marketplaces turn hobbyists into entrepreneurs while creating massive pools of new buyers and sellers.

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When Successful Marketing Hurts Your Brand

A failed 2nd date with ride-sharing app, Lyft

Disclaimer: I am not an investor in either of these companies, nor any company in the ride-sharing space.

I am just a rider. Just a customer. I’m also in the business of marketing startups — which means I touch everything customer experience-related: communications, the brand, UX, product design, CRM, monetization, et cetera.

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Less Programs, More Environments: Microsoft’s User Experience Woes

I’d consider offloading LinkedIn stock. Don’t get me wrong; Microsoft has been doing some cool things with hardware, wearables, and AR. But there’s a clear user experience problem that’s consistent with most recent their recent acquisitions:

Microsoft is building programs while everyone else is designing environments.

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Great Times at the 2016 Northside Festival!

This year's Northside Festival was an amazing week!

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Why Wearables Fail: A Brand Strategy Perspective

Google’s Android Wear overhaul offers lots of improvements and new features to the platform, unless you’re one of the early adopters.

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Staying on the UX Design Path

A user’s experience goes far beyond the product we place in front of them. It is more than a swipe animation, more than a series of clicks to reach a goal, more than the color of a pop-up notification.

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Design Thinking in Action is Heading to Los Angeles

Superform will be in Los Angeles, California, spreading the design thinking love to young West Coast companies and startups!

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30 Seconds to Sell Your App

If you had ten seconds to capture the attention of a potential user in the app store, how could you best take advantage of it? 

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Why Snapchat’s New Update is (not all) Bad

Here’s the deal. I love Snapchat, I use it every day. It’s replaced most of my other social media. I’ve been applauding Snapchat’s every move since I started using it a few years ago (call me an early adoptin’ influencer).

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Samsung, VR, and Post-Retail Space

Samsung Rethinks Flagship, goes all in on VR

I’ve never particularly like Samsung as a brand. The only product of theirs I’ve owned was a hand-me-down Note tablet from by brother, which I used almost exclusively as a shinier Kindle reader.

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Liam is Apple’s New Robot, and He’s Awesome

Apple’s Keynote yesterday unveiled a few new devices – a smaller iPhone, a smaller iPad Pro, some updates to Apple TV, the Apple Watch, and perhaps a few other items I’m forgetting. While there is much chatter about the revival of the 4” iPhone, most people glossed over what is likely Apple’s biggest innovation in years – a robot with 29 arms named Liam.

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Workflow: The Magic of Onboarding

First impressions matter. Whether it’s the moment you step out into Grand Central Terminal’s main hall, play your first game in virtual reality, or open software for the first time. Every first impression is a delicate balance of fulfillment, discovery, and retrospection.

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5 Things that will get your App Deleted from my Phone

First of all, I want to preface this article with the fact that I love my iPhone and most (read: less than half) of the applications I download. It’s improved my quality of life in more ways than I can count, and for that I’m grateful. So let’s jump right into this.

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